We are pleased to say that we offer plenty of optional services on top of our funeral packages, all specially designed to be of best comfort to the bereaved. Take a look at some of the extras we offer, and if you have any further inquiries about them then please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

Bereavement Counsellor

We are pleased to announce that we offer an in-house bereavement counsellor that will be available to any client, whatever package they decide to purchase. All paid sessions will take place within our premises, in our specialist arrangement room.

Civil Celebrant

For every client wishing to have a civil celebrant lead the service, we have a number of officiants that we highly recommend for all different services, from religious services to celebrations of life.

Grave Tendering

As part of our grave tendering service, we provide flowers, tidy and clean gravestones and plaques and make sure they are well maintained. We also attend older graves and renovate those that are overgrown or in a poor condor condition.