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Our Services

We offer a variety of services, designed to meet a wide range of wishes whilst also taking into account personal touches and bespoke requests. You can find the funeral services we offer, and the additional services offered independently. Costs given are inclusive of disbursements

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Funerals - Simple Services

Direct Cremations

An unattended cremation at
any local crematorium

Direct Burials

An unattended burial at
any local parish cemetery

Attended Direct Cremations

Up to 10 mourners, the service lasts 10 minutes whereby one piece of music
may be played, at Breckland crematorium

Simple Graveside Burial Service

Up to 15 mourners, the service will take place at the graveside with music, readings and words of committal lasting 10 minutes

Early Morning Service

Officiated service at 9.15am lasting 25 minutes - at Breckland crematorium

Full Graveside Burial Service

Burial at the graveside with full order of service, lasting 25 minutes

Funeral Procession

Funerals - Traditional Services

Full Crematorium Service

Full service lasting 45 minutes at any local crematorium with content of your choice

Cemetery Hall & Interment

Service at the chapel/hall at any local cemetery followed by burial

Funeral Service & Committal

Funeral at place of worship followed by service of committal at a local crematorium

Service Followed by Interment

Full service at any place of worship followed by a separate service of committal

Woodland Farewell

Service at Greenacres Colney Wood followed by an unattended cremation

Woodland Service & Interment

45 minute service at Greenacres Colney followed by interment in a Meadow plot

Supplementary Services


Burial or scattering of ashes at a local burial ground or any location where permission has been sought


We conduct religious and non-religious memorials,  from places of worship to woodland halls. This may be coupled with an ashes interment



We arrange with our clients and local Florists to ensure the floral tributes are fitting and personal for each funeral



We offer our clients a dedicated 'Much Loved' online tribute page - to share funeral details, collect donations, leave a tribute and share photos 


Telephone Support

You can call us if you wish for support or a general chat, and to find out more about our funeral services - 24/7



Sheets containing the order of service - up to 130 may be provided. Pictures and lyrics may also be printed. 4 and 8 page available



We will place a funeral announcement in any local or national publication. We draft this with our clients to ensure it meets their wishes

ML charity


Collection & administration of donations. We set up a collection box at services and can be left online. Cheques can also be sent to our office address

Memorial Jewellery

Memorial Jewellery

Ever With

Ladies Ring with Fine Crystals

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Cufflinks EW pic

Cufflinks with Fine Crystals

saving £32.25 with discount

What items can you receive as memorial jewellery?

Memorial Jewellery - Online Order Form
Enter the item you wish to order below, and we will respond by email within 48 hours to process your order

We offer memorial jewellery from EverWith including 15% off your order

View the online brochure by clicking here

Your order will be processed within two working days, you may either bring a small collection of ashes into our branch or we may collect them from your home without charge

These are then securely sent to EverWith, and orders usually are received within 7 days for collection or home delivery

Orders may also be made in-branch, on the telephone or by email

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